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Louvre Roofs

Louvre roofs in the sunny Hawke’s Bay create a combination to shape our ideal form of outdoor living. Wish you could relax outside during the summer months without enduring the harsh heat of the summer sun? Don’t want to sacrifice enjoying the warm winter sun from the comfort of your patio?

white louvre roof with open louvre blades, with white outdoor blind in parklands, napier

A beautiful Stratco Louvre Roof with an automatic Ziptrack Blind

With all of the pergola covers available, it is usually a case of one or the other. You can either have a shaded patio for the hot months, which gives you a cold area for the winter months, or an open structure, often too hot in the summer and unusable in rainy weather. However, with the Stratco Louvre Roof system, you no longer have to worry about selecting one or the other. Operated from a remote control, the louvre roof has a series of ‘louvre blades’ which can be opened up to any angle at the press of a button. The louvre is completely water proof when closed and will automatically close when it starts raining.

The Installation Process

Interested in having the louvre roof installed in your patio, or somewhere within your outdoor space? Simply give us a contact us here. Our experienced team will head over to your address to meet with you and discuss how a louvre roof could work for your home. We will also take clear measurements of your space and get back to you with an exact quote.

When you make the call, we’ll have your louvre roof custom made before we begin your patio transformation. The installation takes roughly 2-5 days, depending on the size of the roof.

before and after of a louvre roof, deck and furniture on a patio in napier

An amazing transformation shown as a before and after, This patio area has been given a whole new life!

Why Stratco Louvre Roof?

Enjoy the varying benefits of the winter and summer months from the relaxed comfort of your outdoor living space with full control over just how much sun you let through. The Louvre roof system gives you complete control of your outdoor space, allowing you maximize its usage. With the ability to stop at any angle (turning up to 135 degrees), the blades of the louvre roof can be controlled to allow just the right amount of sunshine into your outdoor living space.

Controlled remotely, with an advanced rain sensor, you can shade your patio at the touch of a button, while letting in the sunshine when you’d prefer. The built-in rain sensor also ensures that your patio gets immediate shelter from the rain. When closed, your Stratco louvre roof is completely waterproof, ensuring that no rain drop can find its way through.

With matching outdoor blinds that can be electrically rolled up and down, we can completely transform your outdoor space into a secluded weather-proof room. Thus, allowing you get the most out of your patio regardless of the current weather conditions (rain, wind, clouds or sun). Its state of the art design and extensive color range also ensures your entire home design is kept admirably on trend, and is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

open louvre patio roof side by side comparison with closed louvre roof

A large three-bay Louvre Roof Open vs Closed Comparison

A Louvre Roof System Perfect for Hawke’s Bay

Hawke’s Bay is known to be one of New Zealand’s hottest and driest regions. Although the winter can be cold and wet, it can get really hot in the summer. While this has understandably benefited us in terms of wine production, escape is sometimes needed from the harsh summer sun and this is where a louvre roof in Hawke’s Bay can be perfect.

A Louvre roof can give you the freedom to enjoy your outdoor space all year long, whatever the climate. These pergola roofs are designed to tackle the elements, thus creating an additional living space for you. As Hawkes Bay’s hot summer days arrive, protect your family from the heat and harsh UV rays by partially or completely closing the louvre blades to make for a cool outdoor space.

louvre roof surrounded by flat patio roof with louvre blades open and a dark green frame in hawkes bay, new zealand

A classy example of a louvre roof and flat pergola roof combo with a stylish colour scheme

Why choose Suncoast Patios?

Quality and customer satisfaction are our top priorities at Suncoast Patios. This is what informs our choice of the Stratco Louvre Roof system for your home or business. Made from durable, high quality materials (aluminum), you do not have to worry about rots, leakages, molds, or breakage.

These element-resistant materials take away any worries you might have regarding the long term life of a louvre roof. Easy to maintain, our range of sun louvres can be customized to your needs and can be used for a wide array of activities, including pool deck, spa retreat, pergola roofing, outdoor lounge, and barbecue stand.

Our louvre roofs offer you the following guarantees:

  • Durability 
  • Flexibility
  • Trendy designs
  • Automation and intuitive ease of use
  • 15-year warranty
all white louvre roof with blades open covering a deck on a taradale home in napier new zealand

This is another angle of the amazing louvre roof on our home page

Complete your outdoor space in Hawke’s Bay with the perfect cover!

For more examples of Louvre Roofs installed by Suncoast Patios Ltd, check out our gallery!

To see other information provided from the manufacturer of our Louvre Roofs, visit Stratco.

If you’re interested in a quote or have more questions, contact us here.