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Outdoor Blinds

We believe the addition of outdoor blinds can completely transform any outdoor living space. They allow the flexibility of being able to let air flow or stay sheltered from strong wind, enjoy the sun or keep the rain out, seclude yourself from neighbors or enjoy the view.

A side by side comparisson of a patio area with the blinds up vs blinds down

A beautiful example of the seclusion that blinds offer

Outdoor Blinds for Free Outdoor Living

If your desire is to create a completely secluded outdoor area – for dining, relaxation, entertainment, etc., you will find outdoor blinds to be the perfect addition to your pergola roof. Privacy, covering, and protection will be the hallmarks of your valuable outdoor area.

The result is an outdoor living space that you can be proud of. With a number of styles and colors available, you can be sure of a choice that matches the general theme of your home, while offering quality improvements. With outdoor rolling blinds – which can be rolled to allow as much or as little length as needed, you can decide just how much of the elements you want to let in, choosing when to let in some sunlight, as well as when to completely cordon off the area.

A patio area in taradale, napier, new zealand completely enclosed in outdoor blinds, offering complete seclusion from neighbours

This Taradale example of a patio area completely closed off with blinds is actually able to be locked only allowing it to be opened from the inside, creating security for furniture left outside

Home Improvement with Outdoor Blinds

Beyond making your outdoor living space a pleasurable environment for relaxation and for entertaining guests, outdoor blinds also offer valuable home improvement qualities. By reflecting the heat away from your home and preventing the rain (as well as the cold it carries) from getting in. Suitable for any weather, they can help to protect your doors, windows, and furniture in the interior from the stinging glare of sunlight which facilitates wear down.

Outdoor blinds also help improve the comfort and cleanliness of your home. They keep out airborne elements and block dust from finding its way into your home. This makes your home much easier to clean, while also leaving you and your family healthier as a result.
Indeed, blinds help enhance your indoor space just as much as they do your outdoor space. They provide you with privacy, allow for light control, and give you power over the elements that you would not normally enjoy.

A picture from inside the West Shore Inn's alfresco area, people enjoying themselves outside while being protected from the harsh afternoon sun by a flat pergola roof installed by Suncoast Patios Ltd

A great example of the benefits of outdoor blinds can be seen at the West Shore Beach Inn where they protect guests from the harsh afternoon sun

Why Choose Ziptrack Outdoor Blinds?

There is no better product to compliment your Louvre Roof or Flat Pergola Roof than the Ziptrack Outdoor Blinds. Make your outdoor space a sanctuary with blinds that completely transform your outdoor living space in an instant.

Ziptrack blinds are made from a mesh material which can block most of the vision from the outside-in, while maintaining plently of vision from the inside-out. With its smooth glide, beautiful style selections, and an ability to roll up to any desired height, Ziptrack Outdoor Blinds are your best choice for a guided blind system.

a side by side comparisson of a patio area with ziptrack blinds rolled up and another shot with the ziptrack ouutdoor blinds rolled down in the following shot

A napier outdoor living space – sheltered by Ziptrack Blinds

The Installation Process

These easy-to-use blinds can be installed in just a few hours to give your outdoor space a whole new look. Our installation team at Suncoast Patios will visit your home for a quick appraisal of your needs. Then a custom made outdoor blind, perfected to the dimensions of your space will be made. Finally our professional team will install your rolling blinds.

a side by side comparison of a single blind on a patio area open vs closed

A fully secluded and private outdoor living space awaits you!

For more examples of Outdoor Blinds installed by Suncoast Patios Ltd, check out our gallery!

To see other information provided from the manufacturer of our outdoor blinds, visit Ziptrack.

If you’re interested in a quote or have more questions, contact us here.